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Courtney Mollins-Bidlake

Experience2 Years
Have you ever had an "AH HA" moment? I have had more than a few, and most of them have happened while on the mat! My name is Courtney Mollins-Bidlake and I am an eternal student of yoga! I have been practicing for over a decade and have taught over a thousand hours in the last three years. You might say I am a little obsessed, I would correct you and say I am totally in love. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it is a lifestyle, an awakening of all senses and a journey that takes you deep into yourself. My classes are inspired by philosophy and the happenings in my life, with a strong emphasis on human variation, pranayama and most importantly having fun. Along with being a yoga teacher, I am a birth doula (CD DONA), Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (PES PBi) and aspiring reflexologist and palliative massage therapist. If you are looking to start your practice or explore it further, come join meon the mat and hopefully we can share som of those "AH HA" moments together!
My skill
Golden Yogis 99%
Yin Yang 99%
30 Minute Mediation 99%
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