OMG – Oh My Glutes

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OMG (oh my glutes) barre class is fun and empowering class set to today’s hottest music. Classes begin with a warm up focusing on postural strength and alignment, followed by a series of upper body exercises using light weights. The ballet barre is used…

Yoga Flow

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Discover the power of breath and rhythm as you flow from asana to asana. The use of breath and movement will warm the body from inside out,, so you can gain flexibility while working on balance and strength. Suitable for…

Stretch & Restore

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This class offers gentle movement to warm the body and the comforting stillness of a restorative practice using props for prolonged holds. It is centred in intuitive movement, breath and surrender to let go of the stress of your week….


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Iyengar yoga is a form of hatha yoga developed by B.K.S Iyengar. Iyengar yoga has an emphasis on detail. precision and alignment in the performance of posture and breath control. Focus is on structural alignment of the physical body through…

Yin Yang Yoga

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Yin Yang Yoga is a slow meditative class of Taoist influence. This class works deeply into connective tissue and joints by holding asanas for 3-10 minutes. It will leave you feeling relaxed and centered. Beginners and Beyond.